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Wisconsin Proposed Budget Cuts

Posted on : 01-02-2015 | By : Dean | In : EN101, Teaching, UWP


We’re going to start our discussion this semester with some of the implications of the new state budget on your education. I would like you to read the following, from the office of the governor: Transforming Education

Read the following article outlining the Sharp Debate about the impact on the UW-system

And look at one Editorial Response to the proposal.

There are some things that I would like you to think about and do while you are actively reading these articles.

1. Who is the author? What implications might the author’s credentials have in the article?
2. Define the terms in the debate. For example, what is a “public authority,” and what how does your understanding of the term contribute to your overall understanding of the issue?
3. Think about the language used and its semantic implications: “Transforming” education; “greater freedom”; “improved flexibility.” Why is this language used and is it accurate?
4. What are the potential benefits and effects of the budget?

I’ve also included a short video below, with some of the local coverage of the issue.

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