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Student Reminders! EN100 Students: Diagnostic Paragraphs Due 9/9


Welcome Back! Welcome Back, UWP Students. Thus begins the fall semester!


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EN101 Theme 3 Assignment Sheet

For homework, write an argumentative paper centered on the topic that your section has chosen (012 and 014: Drug Legalization; 017: Gay Marriage). Consult the syllabus for our “library of sources.” You cannot use any other sources than the ones posted on the syllabus by today.

Remember the following things:

  • Your essay must be at least five paragraphs long
  • Your essay must be typed
  • Your essay must be double spaced
  • Your essay must follow MLA style, including a works cited page. Your works cited page must contain at least THREE sources.

If you do not that the have the above do not come to class. If you do come, I will ask you to leave when we begin the peer editing, and you will be marked absent.

Helpful hints:

  • YOU MUST argue the issue. You need to avoid the impulse to report what each side believes with regard to the issue and letting the reader decide for him or herself. Your job is to use the sources available to you and write an argument that makes an attempt to convince the opposition that you are correct.
  • Avoid quoting in the introduction of this paper.
  • Avoid providing the specifics about sources in the introduction of this paper.
  • Use one of the techniques that I talked about to start the paper. “Drug use is a very controversial issue in America” or anything like it is unacceptable.
  • Make sure that you review in-text citation for MLA, including the full context of each of the quotes that you use.
  • Make sure that you remember what the stages of full paragraph development are (avoid ending in support).
    • Confirmations paragraphs: make sure that stage three does more than sum up what the author of your support has said. You should provide enough context in the lead in to make the meaning clear.
    • Avoid interpreting the intention of the source. That’s irrelevant. You want to explain just how it proves the point that you made in your topic sentence.
    • Ask yourself if you have ended the paragraph with YOUR reason that the point you are trying to make is the correct one and how it relates back to your overall thesis. See the examples on the research post if you have questions.
  • Let your argument dictate the length of your paper. If you need six paragraphs to prove your point, then use them.
  • Contact me with questions. Come with a completed draft, not a reason why you were confused about the assignment. The drafts and editing are a significant portion of your overall grade. Don’t blow them off.
  • If you cannot make it for the peer editing session, you can still receive credit for your draft (not the editing). However, it must be sent to me by the end of class via email. No exceptions. Don’t send me an email explaining why you could not make it and then check your email the next day to see my reply about sending your draft. I won’t allow you to send the draft the next day.
  • GRAMMAR: Commas are a major concern in this paper. Review the rules in chapter 39 of Little, Brown.
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