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Student Reminders! EN100 Students: Diagnostic Paragraphs Due 9/9


Welcome Back! Welcome Back, UWP Students. Thus begins the fall semester!


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EN101 Revisions

Any student that meets the attendance policy can rewrite one paper for a higher grade. The following rules apply to a rewrite:

1. A student can only rewrite a paper if he or she has missed no less than 3 classes.

  • Included in absences are instances of in-class texting and sleeping.
  • Lateness and leaving early or for extended periods during class (consistently) count for 1/2 absences.
  • Email me if you are unsure of your absences

2. A revision must address each of the grammar errors that I have noted, including the rule, written or typed out, from our Little, Brown Brief.

  • You may write the rule on the final draft itself, or annotate it and reference it at the end of the paper:
    • Ex: “Although Smith notes that there are several problems he is wrong.”
    • 39b: Use commas between all introductory elements and the clauses that they introduce.
  • You must write the rules for each instance of the mistake.

3. You must also address all instances of development and support, actually rewriting sections that require more explanation.
4. Instances of logical fallacies need to be addressed through rewriting.
5. If you have questions about any of my comments, it is up to you to ask me.
6. If you stop addressing the concerns that I noted on the graded copy, I will stop grading the revision, and you will not receive credit.
7. You must include only the graded copy of your final draft, discarding the peer editing and the rough draft. If you do not have this draft, you cannot do a revision. I cannot remember all the comments I made on all the papers, and I am not going to regrade papers for revision.
8. Grading:

  • I usually average the new grade with the old, but in instances where students write an A-level revision, I will replace the original grade.
  • New errors in the rewritten portions count.


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