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Student Reminders! EN100 Students: Diagnostic Paragraphs Due 9/9


Welcome Back! Welcome Back, UWP Students. Thus begins the fall semester!


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Theme 6: Definition Instructions

Pre-writing: Before writing this paper, I want you to take some time to find yourself a working definition of the word that you are attempting to define. You can start with the dictionary, but I would prefer that you look a little deeper than that.

Remember that this essay is about making the definition your own. In effect, you are trying to convince your reader that there is nuance involved in trying to define the term. What you want to end up with is what the word means to you.


Writing: Write an essay of at least five paragraphs, using any or all of the rhetorical modes. Choose from the following terms for the paper:

1. Love.

2. Intelligence.

3. Art.

4. Justice.

5. Racism or sexism.

6. Success.

7. Beauty.

8. Trust.

9. Laziness.

10. Health.

Things to remember:

1. Your essay should be at least five paragraphs in length.

2. Make sure that the larger point of your essay is evident from the introduction. Articulate why it is important other than for its own sake.

3. Make sure that your paragraphs follow a logical progression.

4. Make sure that you understand which rhetorical mode you are using and that you are using it effectively.

If you do not have a complete draft next time (at least five paragraphs, double spaced), do not come to class.

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