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Welcome Back! Welcome Back, UWP Students. Thus begins the fall semester!


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EN322: American Novel to 1920

Instructor: Dean Karpowicz             Office:   Tallent 265; Comm Arts 251  
Email: karpowic@uwp.edu
Phone: 595-2672
Office Hours:
Web Board: Straywriters Forums

Course Description: In English 322, we will focus on the American novel dating to1920. We’ll cover several primary texts and moderate instruction in historical and literary contexts will also be central to the course. We will study the texts with a view toward understanding the early development of the American novel.

Course Work: We will read six novels and a selection of poetry in this course. Students will be graded on two tests, response posts, and a final paper. The tests will consist of several identifications and short answer questions; the final paper will be 8-10 pages in length and on the topic of the student’s choice. Final papers will be written in MLA style, with proper citations and a works cited page. If you have questions about a MLA citation, please ask me, as it isn’t something that we are going to cover in class; Also, the UW-Parkside library has more than one MLA Handbook on hand.

Message Board: During the first week of class, students will register and post on the class message board found at Straywriters Forum. This message board will be used for class responses to the texts that we read. Your responses should be at least a few paragraphs long, and I may ask you to comment on a specific section of the reading. Each student will be required to complete five of the six posted responses. Each  response will be worth twenty points. Litspot is also the easiest way to communicate with me. You can send personal messages and post in the class forums. I check them daily.

Texts: The following texts are required for the class. I have selected the Dover editions of each of them, and they are available at the campus bookstore. All in-class references that I make will be from the editions below. However, students may use any edition they like, and I have included links to electronic versions of these books below. I do ask that you select a format that you can search if you use an electronic version of the texts, so that you can follow along with our discussion.

If you would like a nice, free e-book reader and library program, check out calibre: http://calibre-ebook.com/

Moby Dick, by Herman Melville

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain

The Ambassadors, by Henry James

House of Mirth, by Edith Wharton

Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser

My Antonia, by Willa Cather


  • Students are allowed no more than three absences.
  • Students who are chronically late will be marked absent.
  • Students who are sleeping or texting will be marked absent.
  • Students missing more than six classes should not expect to pass the class.

Late Work and Make-up Work

  • Late posts will not be accepted. Threads are locked by Midnight on the due date. No exceptions.
  • Exams cannot be made up unless there is a documented emergency.


  • Any student found guilty of plagiarism will receive a zero for the their work without the option to redo it, and plagiarism can result in a zero for the course.

Grading Breakdown

10%   Class Participation/Attendance
25%   Responses and Board Activity
20%   Mid-term Exam
20%   Final Exam
25%   Final Paper

Class Schedule


Week 1
2: Introduction to the class. Syllabus. Message board.

Week 2
7: American Romanticism. General Responses to Moby Dick
9: Moby Dick (to Ch. XXVI, “Knights and Squires”)

Week 3
14: Moby Dick (to Ch. LVIII, “Squid”)
16: Moby Dick (to Ch. LXXXI, “The Honour and Glory of Whaling”)

Week 4
20: Response 1 due before midnight.
21: Moby Dick (to Ch. CXVIII, “The Candles”)
23: Finish Moby Dick

Week 5
28: American Realism; Huck Finn (to Ch. 16)
30: Huck Finn (to Ch. 21)

Week 6
5: Huck Finn (to Ch. 36)
7: Finish Huck Finn Response 2 due before class

Week 7
12: The Ambassadors, Books 1-4
14: The Ambassadors, Books 5-6

Week 8
19: The Ambassadors, Books 7-10. Response 3 due before class
21: The Ambassadors, Books 11-12

Week 9
26: Sick Day
28: Exam 1

Week 10
2: House of Mirth, Book 1: Ch. 1-9
4: House of Mirth, Book 1: Ch. 10-15

Week 11
9: House of Mirth, Book 2: Ch. 1-10 Response 4 due before class
11: House of Mirth, Book 2: 11-14

Week 12
16: Sister Carrie, Ch. 1-18
18: Sister Carrie, Ch. 19-25

Week 13
23: Sister Carrie, Ch. 26-35

Week 14
30: Sister Carrie, Ch. 36-End Response 5 due before class
2: My Antnonia, Book 1

Week 15
7: My Antnonia, Books 2-3
9: My Antnonia, Book 4

Week 16
14: My Antnonia, Book 5 Response 6 due before class
16: Final Exam

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