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As I Lay Dying: Guide and Discussion

Study Guide and Discussion Questions

1. Elements of Modernism in the novel

  • Fragmentation
  • Complexity
  • Inner Landscapes (embodied in Stream of Consciousness)
    • Complexity of characters
      • Darl (80)
    • Juxtaposition of monologue/dialogue
      • Tull (90-91)
  • Wasteland/Alienation
  • Essences

2. Reality and Identity

  • Sense of shifting reality (discuss, quote TBD)
  • Creating the moment/influence
  • Inner perception of self vs. the exterior
    • The Tull’s view of the Bundrens
    • Darl’s struggle

3. Time in the novel

  • Tense throughout
  • Inner Landscapes vs. the Outer World?

Discussion Questions

1. Why do you think that Faulkner uses the narratives style that he does, especially the multiple points of view?

2. What is it that drives the Bundrens? Love? Money? Obligation? Find specifics.

3. What role does religion play in the novel?

4. What role does class play in the novel?

5. Why does Faulkner include the section with Addie? What do we learn from her monologue?

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