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Student Reminders! EN100 Students: Diagnostic Paragraphs Due 9/9


Welcome Back! Welcome Back, UWP Students. Thus begins the fall semester!


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Homework Assignment 1: Diagnostic Paragraph

This past week, there was a news story that centered on the rough economic times that our nation faces, and one of the central questions that it asked (and tried to address) was whether it was worth it anymore to enroll in college. Typically, during economic downturns, Americans have gone back to school to learn new skills and to better prepare themselves for changing industries. However, many current college graduates are finding themselves out of work or underemployed, settling for a job that they could have landed without a degree.

Considering the above, I want you to write one well-developed paragraph that answers the following question:

Why is it important to you to be in college?

I want your answer to do the following:

1. Explain from your perspective. I am not interested in research.
2. Use proper development (topic sentence, support, etc).
3. Use proper grammar
4. Capture my interest–whether through language, an example, or something else.

Specific Instructions and Grading
**Your work must be typed and double spaced, so I have room to comment on it. I will not accept ripped out sheets of notebook paper, written minutes before class.
**Normally, I don’t put limits on writing assignments, but I would like you to keep this one to a single paragraph. I will be looking at development, grammar, spelling, and mechanics in order to assess the issues that our particular class may want to cover.
**I am also using this diagnostic to assess individual writers, in order to ensure that each student belongs in this class.
**Proof your work carefully.

This assignment is worth 15 points of your Homework/Quizzes grade. I will be commenting on it in the same way that I would on one of the major papers.

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